Located at the centre of Huangshan Scenic Area with an attitude of 1,700 Meters, the four-star tourist Hotel Huangshan Baiyun Hotel was built in 1996 and Is a subsidiary of Huangshan Touism Development Co.Ltd. Since the hotel backs Upon the Bright Summit and is adjacent to the Central Sea Pavilion,here you can not only enjoy the magnificent view of Baiyun Scenic Spot created by the daedal hand of nature but also see the changeable scenery of the peaks of Lotus Flower and Celestial Capital,etc.from a distance.If you walk from Baiyun Hotel to West Sea Canyon,the most beautiful place at Baiyun Scenic Area after a rain,along the way you can see lush Upstanding green pines,peaks veiled mist and gurgling streams.If you walk down along Baiyun Stream,you can see deep valleys,steep cliffs and cragged rocks and then you look far into the Distance at Baiyun Hotel.the white wall and black roof are half-hidden behind green leafy trees in Deep elegant seclusion,you must have a feeling suggestive of poetry and painting "Dwelling houses can be seen in the origin of white clouds"
      Built in traditional Hui architectural style,equipped with modern facilities and composed of the 3 Parts, namely,Building No 1(the former Baiyun Hotel ),Build No 2(the former Tianhai Villa) And building No 3(the former Tianhai Restaurant )the hotel enjoys advanced facilities and equipments and complete service items and can meet the demands of the guests in meals,accommodatiom,sightseeing,shopping and entertainment,etc.
      Our motto is "Guests first,Service first".We promise to use the advanced facilities and equipments, Perfect management and high quality services to welcome the guests from all over the world.
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